Featured Doberman(s) of the Month: Boss & Kyra

Written by Doberman Pride - November 11 2014


November 18 2014

Absolutely LOVE Boss & Kyra……..love all their beautiful adventures on Instagram. So happy to see them featured!
Paws up from their IG buddy Voodoo!

Kendall Carro
November 15 2014

I love the pictures and stories of all the dobermans and their families! It makes me smile, so thank you. I would love to have the sweatshirt with “Doberman Pride”, but I actually love all of your articles of clothing!! (The largest size you have). Thank you!

Tina Petrovic
November 14 2014

I like your website. I really like the women’s “Good Day” sweatshirt.

November 12 2014

Would love to have the heart on doberman sweatshirt size xxl. As I am sure I will be wearing it frequently .

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