Featured Doberman of the Month: Buddha

Written by Doberman Pride - September 30 2014


Ulrich Görgens
July 25 2015

Hi, I have two dogs. A Border and a Doberman-Mix. They are very special. They love children. But what I have seen here. It is amazing. The Girl is a special someone. An Doberman with such a character I´ve never seen bevore. All goodness from germany to all to you. We love this girl and her dog. GREAT!!!

November 07 2014

Thank you ever so for you blog post. Keep writing.

Holly Weir
October 01 2014

Wonderful blog on cutie and the beast! I nominate Ricky Bobby Doberman owned by Whitney Newman and Susan Miller for an upcoming feature!

October 01 2014

The video of that adorable kid brushing the teeth of the beast is just about the sweetest video I ever saw on Facebook. I get so sappy and choked up when I watch it. It embodies everything that is innocent and gentle with children and their pets.

Gina van der Poel
October 01 2014

I love Dobermann ’s i have had them for 30 years now at the moment we have one 4 years old Lucky is his name.

This will be our last one as we are in the 70 ’s .

The Dobermann is very special I had one and with this one i did police training.

I can,t imagine not having a Dobermann they are so lovely.

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